Join Embrace and give orphaned children what they need most – a loving family.

Children don’t belong on the streets or in orphanages, they belong in families.

You can help orphaned children become sons and daughters.

Giving monthly allows more children to grow up with the love and care of a family.

We have two approaches depending on the needs of the child.

Family Development Center

Orphaned children are raised by Ethiopian women and live in multiple homes at the Family Development Center.

Community Outreach

At-risk children who are living with family or relatives in the community are given monthly support to stay with their family.

A future worth pursuing

We believe entire communities can be changed when we empower children to rise above poverty. Through your support, the children are able to experience hope in many ways.

New career paths

Mentors who care

Families to belong

Hopeful hearts

An investment worth making

You’ll receive monthly updates with photos and video stories so you can get to know the children and families you are supporting in Ethiopia.

Meet the families

Together, we can bring hope to orphaned children.

Join the Embrace giving program today and make it possible for orphaned children to be raised in loving families.

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