Children belong in families

30 Hearts is a nonprofit organization working with communities in Ethiopia to provide family-based care for orphaned children.

Our Process


First, the local Ethiopian government identifies orphaned and abandoned children who have no relatives able to care for them. Next, our nonprofit partner confirms the background information, the children are brought into the Family Center and raised by Christian women from local churches in the community. The children grow in a family environment as each woman becomes a mother to 5 children and lives in separate homes at the center.


While the children develop healthy relationships in their new families, 30 Hearts supports their holistic needs. Through our nonprofit partner, the children receive food, housing, clothing, medical care, education and discipleship. The Christian staff at the center does an amazing job caring for the families and preparing the children for their future.


As the children become young adults and leave the center to enter college or begin working, 30 Hearts is committed to continue being a source of support and encouragement as each child grows into self-sufficiency. The process can then be repeated by bringing more orphaned children into families so they can grow up in a safe home with a loving mother.

Holistic Care

We take a holistic approach to restoring the children through the Family Center. The staff helps each family grow in their relationship with Jesus while empowering the children to be prepared for their future.


We seek to raise physically healthy children by providing medical and dental care, nutritious meals, clean water, clothes and safe homes. The children are taught the importance of proper hygiene and disease prevention.


We help the children develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Through Bible studies, worship, prayer and serving the community, the children are taught to cultivate their own faith. We seek to give children hope for today and eternity.


We raise children in a family where they are treated with love and gentleness. Many of the children experienced abandonment, loss or abuse and neglect so we emphasize the importance of developing healthy loving relationships with their new mothers.


We enable the children to receive a high quality education at a school in their community. We are committed to prepare the children for their future through daily tutoring and assisting in their educational pursuits in college or vocational training. 


We partner with professional Christian social workers who work closely and carefully with each child. The staff helps the children to overcome issues of depression, anxiety or trauma through weekly counseling and focused care.


We give the children opportunities to build life skills through socializing with one another and with their peers at school and church. The goal is to develop well-rounded individuals who understand how to have healthy relationships.

Community Focus

30 Hearts started by focusing on one community in Ethiopia. Bako is a trading center with a high population of orphaned and abandoned children due to the large amount of traffic that passes through.

The local government and churches of Bako are committed to supporting our programs while working alongside our nonprofit partner to impact the children and community.