Children belong in families

30 Hearts is a nonprofit organization working with communities in Ethiopia to provide family-based care for orphaned children.

Our Process


Orphaned and abandoned children who have no relatives able to care for them are rescued from vulnerable situations and brought into the Family Development Center. Christian women from the community become mothers to 5 children and each family lives together in a home.


Since many of the children are coming from difficult situations, it is very important to form a bond of security and love with their new mother. 30 Hearts supports the new families holistically by providing food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education and discipleship.


30 Hearts supports the needs of the families and prepares the children to go to college and become self sufficient. The process can then be repeated by bringing more orphaned children in so they can grow up with a loving mother.

Local Leaders

We work directly with in-country nonprofit organizations to develop healthy families for orphaned children.

Meet the inspiring team of people who keep our programs running smoothly.

Meet the Teams

Holistic Care

We take a holistic approach to restoring the children through the Family Development Center. We help each family grow spiritually in their relationship with Jesus while empowering the children to thrive as they grow into adults.





When children are raised in a loving family and given hope for the future, entire communities can be changed.