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30 Hearts works with communities in Ethiopia to establish Family Development Centers where orphaned and vulnerable children are raised by women from the local churches. Each woman becomes a mother to 5 children while living together in a home at the Family Development Center.

This allows children to grow up in a safe family setting while receiving holistic support. As the children grow into adulthood, they are supported to continue their education in college or begin working to become self-sustaining.


We also utilize the staff and resources available at the Family Development Center to provide support to at-risk families in the community who are living in extreme poverty. This strategy helps prevent child abandonment and keeps families together.

Our local partner helps parents learn how to create income-generating activities so they can feed, clothe and send their children to school. We provide the children with after-school programs and healthcare so they can thrive in their home environment.


Once we have established strong family-based care programs in the community, we work with our local partner to repeat the model in more areas throughout Ethiopia.

When Family Development Centers exist in different areas, orphaned and vulnerable children will be able to transition into the care of a stable family in their own community.


Family plays an important role in shaping the heart of a child. The family is God’s design to give children emotional and physical stability, learn Christlike character, maintain healthy relationships, and gain the confidence needed to succeed. Through the love of a family, 30 Hearts is demonstrating the hope of Jesus.

Holistic Care

Our programs are implemented in collaboration with our local partner in Ethiopia as well as the local government and churches in order to best impact the whole community. We take a holistic approach to restoring the children and empowering each child for a bright future.


We seek to raise physically healthy children by providing necessary healthcare, nutritious meals, clean water, clothes and safe homes. The children are taught the importance of proper hygiene and disease prevention.


We help the children develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Through Bible studies, worship, prayer and serving the community, the children are taught to cultivate their own faith. We seek to give children hope for today and eternity.


We enable the children to receive a high-quality education at a school in their community. We are committed to preparing the children for their future through daily tutoring and assisting in their educational pursuits through college or vocational training. 


We create an environment where the children feel emotionally supported by their mothers. They are able to develop healthy relationships within their families and with others in the community through counseling with the social workers on staff.