Step 1: Rescue

The local government in Bako is working hard to place abandoned children with temporary guardians but the situation is beyond their capacity to maintain. 30 Hearts is responding to this orphan crisis by collaborating with the government and local churches to create families for 30 children at a time. Orphans who have lost both parents and have no relatives able to care for them are rescued from the streets. The children are brought into the New Family Development Homes and adopted by Christian women from their community. This is not an orphanage but a new model, one in which new families are being created as women become permanent mothers to 5 children.

Step 2: Restore

The families spend their first 5 years together in the New Family Development Homes. During this time, the staff works hard to prepare each child to transition from life as an orphan to life in a healthy family. Since many of the children are coming from difficult situations, it is very important to form a bond of security and love with their new mother. 30 Hearts supports the new families holistically by providing food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education and discipleship.

Step 3: Repeat

Once the families are prepared for a long life together, they will leave the New Family Development Homes and move into their own permanent homes in the Bako community. 30 Hearts will continue to help support their needs by providing for the mothers and preparing the children to become self sufficient. The process of creating families can then be repeated by bringing more orphaned children into the New Family Development Homes.

Holistic Care





When children are raised in a loving home and given hope for the future, entire communities can be changed.