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Host a Coffee Party

Spread the word so more orphaned children can grow up in loving families.

Do you love to drink coffee?

Do you enjoy having friends over?

Do you want to make a difference?

We have a great idea for you!

How it works

Download your planning kit

We make it easy by providing videos and pictures so your guests can understand the life-changing work of giving orphaned children a family.

Set a date & invite your friends

Get as many people together as you’d like and spend time drinking coffee and learning how to impact the orphan crisis.

Host your party & have fun

Enjoy this as a unique opportunity to spend time with your friends, family, or co-workers and make a difference in Ethiopia.

Why Coffee?

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee and throughout the country, coffee is very meaningful. Whenever relatives, neighbors or friends get together, Ethiopians host a special coffee ceremony. The beans are ground by hand, roasted over a charcoal flame and served in small cups, usually with popcorn on the side.

We love the way this tradition brings people together and builds relationships. Now, you have a chance to host a coffee party with your own community!

The orphan crisis is huge, but 30 Hearts exists to impact the lives of thousands of children.

When you host a coffee party and share the story with family and friends, you have a crucial role in furthering our work. Lives will be changed when more people join our mission to help children grow up in loving families.

Download my kit