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Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, 30 Hearts is a registered US 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit (EIN/Tax ID: 82-2957576). View 30 Hearts nonprofit status letter here.

Is it safe to donate through the website?

Yes, online donations are managed through Bloomerang Payments which integrates with Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. They use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.

Can I donate by check?

You sure can! Send checks to 30 Hearts PO Box 39631 North Ridgeville, OH 44039. All check donations will go to the General Fund unless otherwise specified. Please include your email with the check so we can easily send you a donation receipt.

Can I donate by wire transfer?

Yes, please send us an email and we’ll give you instructions on how to set up a wire transfer.

How do I see my donation details?

You can login to your account with the email you used to make a donation or you can sign up for an account. Your online account allows you to see all of your activity, update credit card information and download tax statements.

Where do I find my tax statement?

Your tax statement will be emailed or mailed out in January for all of your donations from the prior year. Or you can login to your account to view your tax summary at any time.

I signed up to give monthly, what will I receive?

Soon after your first monthly donation, you’ll receive prayer cards for the children and mothers you are supporting each month. You will also get emails throughout the year that include video spotlights of a child, mother or staff member from our pograms in Ethiopia.

Is my monthly donation for a single child?

All monthly donations are pooled together and distributed equally among the families to ensure each child in our programs receives the same level of holistic support.

How much of my donation goes to the programs?

We are committed to stewarding every donation to make the most impact on the families and we have continually spent 85-95% of every dollar on the programs in Ethiopia. View our detailed financials here.


Can I create my own fundraising page?

Absolutely! Watch this video to learn how you can create your own campaign. Then head over to our fundraising page to get started.

Can I decide how the donations I raise are used?

When you start a campaign you can choose to fundraise for a specific need or donations will go to the General Fund.

Where can I find your logo and photos to spread the word?

Use this link to see everything you need to become an advocate for 30 Hearts.


Does 30 Hearts start orphanages?

30 Hearts does not start orphanages or institutions. Instead, 30 Hearts opens Family Development Centers that consist of 6-12 homes. In each home, 5 children are raised by a Christian woman from the community and they live together as a family. We utilize these centers to provide support to at-risk families in the community to prevent child abandonment and keep families together.

Does 30 Hearts only support 30 children?

The orphan crisis is big. So we started small by helping 30 children grow up in families. As the monthly giving community grew, we began to reach 30 at-risk families in the community to keep children in their families. Right now, we are impacting 114 children total. Our vision is to see 300 children being raised in families by 2030. Read more about our process here.

How do you choose your local partners?

We work with local Christian leaders who are committed to gospel-centered holistic care. 30 Hearts has an extensive selection process that includes field visits to review the local partner and review financial and organizational details, program specifics, long-term planning and more. 30 Hearts is currently working with one incredible local nonprofit partner in Ethiopia – Stand for the Vulnerable Organization (SVO).

How can you trust the local partners?

30 Hearts maintains a strong connection with its partners in the field and requires quarterly updates including financial reporting. The 30 Hearts team monitors the programs through field visits and the local Ethiopian government monitors through scheduled and unscheduled visits. We partner with local nonprofits that are audited according to the legal requirements of their country.

How do you decide which communities to work in?

We determine the location of our programs in collaboration with our local partner who researches and identifies areas of extreme poverty. Our local partner establishes strong relationships with the local government and churches in the communities we serve. Together, we develop long-term plans to strengthen the programs and community.

Does 30 Hearts have staff in Ethiopia?

Each staff member in our programs is an employee of our local partner. 30 Hearts provides funding for our local partner to interview, hire and train local Christian staff who are committed to this work. 30 Hearts reviews and approves the staff conduct policy of our local partner.

Do you have a child safety policy?

Yes, 30 Hearts has a policy and our local partner has a policy that every staff member is strictly required to follow at all times. Child safety is extremely important and is monitored and maintained through various levels of accountability from the mothers, staff, church and project administration.

Why can’t I sponsor a child?

The donations from our monthly giving community are pooled together and distributed equally so every family in the program receives the same level of holistic support. This also gives you a chance to see the greater impact your gift has on the community. We believe in order to transform a single child long-term, you must reach the entire family based on their specific situation.

Where do the moms come from?

Each mother was identified by our local partner in collaboration with the local churches in the community. The mothers went through extensive interviews and training with a similar organization before joining the program. They all see this work as a calling from God and they are blessed to be supported while serving children in need.

How do you select the children?

Each situation is unique and requires special care to determine what is best for the child. We identify orphaned and vulnerable children in collaboration with our local partner, churches, and government (specifically the Department of Women and Children’s Affairs). Please reach out if you would like to see more details on how our local partner admits children and families into the programs.

How long do the families stay together?

Once the children and mothers are joined together, they are considered a true family even after the children grow up, become self-sufficient, and move out to live on their own. At that point, the mothers have the opportunity to remain on staff at the Family Development Center and raise more orphaned and vulnerable children.

What happens when the children grow up?

Since we believe in providing holistic care, 30 Hearts is committed to supporting the children into adulthood as they enter college or join the workforce. We are currently planning to build a Guest House for the young adults to begin living independently as they become more self-sufficient.


Can I visit the children?

We host short “vision trips” at certain times to encourage the families and staff in Ethiopia and to introduce supporters to see our projects and work firsthand. We cannot guarantee a spot will be available but if you are interested in joining a future trip, please reach out.

Can I bring a team to build a house?

Our role as 30 Hearts is to empower, encourage and support the people of Ethiopia. This means when homes need to be built, contractors and construction workers are hired from the surrounding areas in Ethiopia. This allows us to support the local economy by employing the local people and allowing them to use their expertise in materials, tools, and structures to build in a way that reflects the culture as well.

Can my church take a trip?

If your church is interested in beginning a partnership with 30 Hearts, we would love to talk more about a potential vision trip to Ethiopia.


Where is 30 Hearts located?

The 30 Hearts organization is based out of Ohio and so far our programs have been implemented in the community of Bako, Ethiopia through our local partner.

How did 30 Hearts start?

30 Hearts began as a sub-organization of 4others, a nonprofit based in San Jose, CA. The first Family Development Center officially opened on May 1, 2015 at a small rented complex in Bako, Ethiopia. In 2018, 30 Hearts became a 501(c)(3) organization and separated from 4others. We are so grateful for their support and partnership to help us launch our work! Learn more about our story here.

Can I write a letter to the families?

Yes, the families love to read letters! You are welcome to write anytime and we can send your letter to the staff for translation. They will then share it with the families for encouragement. You can write and submit your letter here.

Can I send gifts to the families?

Thanks for your enthusiasm! However, due to customs, shipping costs, and fairness among the families, we do not mail or bring individual gifts to Ethiopia.

Why doesn’t 30 Hearts have programs in the United States?

While there are many needs for orphaned and vulnerable children in the United States, 30 Hearts was started from a prayerful and carefully planned vision to serve the neediest in Ethiopia. There are many reasons why we serve the people of Ethiopia, one main reason is the lack of a safety net for children who are vulnerable and/or left without parents or guardians. 30 Hearts gives communities the resources needed to care for the families in a way that lifts them out of poverty and into a life of healing and hope.

Can I volunteer with 30 Hearts?

We are eager to work with others to grow our mission. We may not always have a need for volunteers but if you are interested please let us know and we will reach out when there are volunteer opportunities. Thanks!

How can my organization become a partner of 30 Hearts?

An organization seeking to become a local partner of 30 Hearts should contact us to begin the initial vetting process.

How can I help 30 Hearts grow?

You can invest in the growth of 30 Hearts by joining Kindred and supporting our operating costs. This will allow us to hire staff to expand our work and make a greater impact in the field. Kindred donors give a 3-year pledge starting at $10k. If you are interested to join, visit this link.
If you have questions that are not answered here, you can email us at and we’ll be glad to help as soon as possible.