Multiple Teams, One Mission

The life changing work of caring for orphans is accomplished by collaborating with multiple teams in the US and in Ethiopia. Even though each team has a different role, the Gospel is the common goal at the center of everything that is done.

We believe in working alongside the people of Ethiopia to make a difference in their own communities by equipping the Stand for Vulnerable Organization and empowering the local churches.

30 Hearts: Volunteer Leaders

30 Hearts is a charitable cause lead by 3 couples who have volunteered their talents and time to love orphans in Ethiopia. The team is much larger than the volunteer leaders, it is a community of many generous donors and sponsors who have decided to stand up for the helpless and make a difference. We are all part of a bigger story in Ethiopia about redemption and hope for the orphan.

Stand for Vulnerable Org: Nonprofit in Ethiopia

We have partnered with one of the most successful nonprofit’s based in Ethiopia, the Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO). They have a proven track record of making real change in the lives of vulnerable individuals through a holistic approach. Their reputation is growing with partners such as US-AID, Duke University and many other nonprofits around the world. The staff of the New Family Development Home are employees of SVO and are all experts in their field.

Local Government and Churches: Partners in Ethiopia

From the beginning, it has been a priority to make sure the local government and churches in Bako, Ethiopia are very involved in the New Family Development Home. The government is working closely with us to provide the best outcomes for the families. The children attend school at a nearby church and each mother comes from a local church. Many leaders and members of the church congregations help serve the families and children of 30 Hearts throughout the year.