Our Mission

30 Hearts is a nonprofit organization working with communities in Ethiopia to provide family-based care for orphaned children.

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4.6 Million Orphans

Many children in Ethiopia have been orphaned or abandoned due to poverty and disease. Children often struggle to survive without food, clean water, or shelter. 30 Hearts was created to give hope to these hopeless children by providing family-based care.

Our Process

See how the love of a mother can transform the heart of a child.


We desire to see hearts connected to God through a relationship with Jesus. When children are raised in homes centered on Biblical truth, they learn the value of building their lives on the foundation of Jesus.


We believe a loving family is the ideal environment to shape a child. Each heart should be nurtured and protected so they are free to experience childhood. Children who develop in healthy families have confidence to pursue their dreams.


Families can truly succeed through proper education, vocational training and leadership development. We work directly with local nonprofit partners, churches and government leaders to make a change in their communities.


We work hard to gain your trust by showing how your donations are making a difference. We have systems in place to ensure your money is used for good. We represent the families we serve with dignity and thoughtfulness.

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