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Start a fundraiser. Change a life.

We love to see people like you use their ideas to raise funds for 30 Hearts. Your support will meet current needs for children and families in Ethiopia.

Start Fundraiser

Ella gave up her birthday so children could have a playground.

What will you come up with?

Host a dinner
Run a marathon
Lemonade stand
Wedding registry
Car wash
Bake sale

Getting started is easy


Decide where to make your impact

You can start by creating a login and choosing which current cause you’d like to support.


Create your fundraising page

Setup a page by setting a goal, naming your fundraiser and adding a photo or video.


Spread the word

Share your fundraiser with everyone you know. Ask for donations and you’ll be emailed when someone gives.

Ready to start?

We have all the tools you need to plan a successful fundraiser.