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The Family Development Center

where children grow in loving families

At the Family Development Center, orphaned and vulnerable children are raised by Christian women from the community and new families are formed. The children live here with their new mothers and siblings in multiple homes until they begin college or enter the workforce.

This provides a safe place for children to grow up in a family while receiving holistic support. The staff at the Family Development Center work hard to care for the children and ensure they are prepared to reach their God-given potential.

We currently have one Family Development Center in Bako, Ethiopia and have built 6 homes where each mother lives with 5 children.


Thanks to our wonderful supporters, the Family Development Center is expanding with the construction of staff offices, meeting spaces, a mini-clinic, and a learning center that includes a library, computer lab, and tutorial spaces.

Support this project

Help us raise funds to expand the Family Development Center with updated electrical power, a playing field with retaining walls for the rainy season and a garden for the families to grow their own vegetables.

The cost to finish the construction of the FDC Bako is $90,000.

Meet the Designer

Sai Sinbondit comes from a family of refugees who came to the United States when he was a child. On their journey here, his family lived in a refugee camp and finally settled in a small community in the northwest corner of Ohio. While growing up, his parent’s diligence, commitment, and self-reliance to get his family to a better place and the welcoming and caring of some community members inspires him to not only experience the world but to contribute to making it a better place.
For the last 16 years, Sai has been dedicated to working with communities nationally and internationally, non-profit organizations, and individuals to develop meaningful and innovative solutions to address humanity’s fundamental needs and to help create sustainable environments that will elevate and inspire the human experience at every scale and level of people’s daily life for under-served and under-resourced communities.
Sai received a Master of Architecture from Syracuse University and graduated with honors in the Bachelor of Fine Art program from the Center of Visual Arts at the University of Toledo.

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