30 Hearts seeks to reach the hearts of orphans by demonstrating the love of Jesus through the love of a family.

God intended the family as the ideal environment for children and we believe the best outcome for every orphan is to know the love of a permanent family. Each mother has strong faith in Christ and leads their children to have a relationship with Jesus daily. Loving these precious hearts is not something the mothers are doing alone, the encouragement and aid of the local church community is an essential part in their development as healthy Christian families.

Throughout scripture we see Jesus caring for the ones who are hurting and defenseless by addressing both the physical and spiritual needs. In the New Family Development Homes, the love of Jesus is the central focus as the children’s needs are cared for holistically. We provide the resources to help each family stay together as well as empowering the children to thrive as adults.

When we give orphans a family, we are showing the world what Jesus did for us.

Living in a world with so many orphans is a reminder that things are not the way they should be. The remedies this world offers are not enough to bring complete restoration to our lives. The good news is that we are not left alone; Jesus has come and offers new life. Through faith in Him we are accepted by the loving Father and adopted into His family forever. The best way to fully restore the lives of orphans is to lead each heart to the hope that is found in Jesus.