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Kindred is a new program we’ve launched to fund our stateside team and provide the operating costs needed to make the most impact in the field and reach our vision, together.


Together, we can reach more children

We believe every donation should be used to make the most impact possible. That’s why our founders have volunteered their time and resources to get the mission started. This has allowed us to direct all donations to support the needs of our international programs.

Kindred exists to support our team so we can focus on fundraising and managing the stateside operations of 30 Hearts. With your help, we can continue to efficiently utilize donations to make the most impact in the field while covering the necessary administrative needs.

Join other families, churches and businesses who understand the importance of providing the behind-the-scenes-costs that make it possible to reach our next vision.

Ready to make this happen?

We are seeking donations starting at $5,000/year.
(We ask that you make a 3 year pledge so we can plan cash flow and become more sustainable.)




Help us reach our goal by joining Kindred today.