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Family Devotions

The power of prayer


God hears your prayers.


This young man is the oldest boy at the 30 Hearts Family Center and he humbly serves as an example for the children to look up to. Amanuel is very talented and we are blessed to have the privilege of giving him a place to call home.

Watch the video (read the subtitles for your little kiddos) and then discuss Amanuel’s story together.


How do you think Amanuel felt about going into the forest early in the morning?

When Amanuel was 7 years old he wasn’t able to play or go to school. He had many difficult responsibilities.

Why do you think Amanuel says the Family Center is “the best place in the world?"

Compared to how Amanuel was living before, he now has all of his needs met and is in a loving family so he feels content with all he has.

When do you pray during the day?

Amanuel wasn’t allowed to pray until he was in the Family Center. Now he can pray any time he wants!


Did you know?

Amanuel’s name means “God with us”. We are thankful God has always been with Amanuel!
Even though Ethiopia’s weather is hot year round, the mornings can be very cold in different times of the year.

Amanuel collected wood when he was 7 years old. Many people in Ethiopia cook over a fire since they have no electricity.


Psalm 17:6

I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.


When can you pray to God?

How does it feel to know the God who created the world listens to you when you pray?

What are some things you can tell God? He loves to hear you talk to him!


God hears your prayers.

Amanuel’s life is changed now that he has a safe and loving family. God has given him a new life where he can pray every day without worrying about being punished. When Amanuel was talking about having a relationship with God he said, “I’m alive because of Him.” It is so wonderful how God listened to Amunuel’s prayers and now he has hope and joy!

Close in prayer

Father God, you are wonderful and good! Thank you for always hearing us when we pray. We thank you for listening to every word we say and knowing what we need. Please help those who are scared and not able to pray to know you are with them. We love you Lord and pray for others to know your love too. Amen


Print out this activity page and at the dinner table go around and ask each person to share ways to pray as a family. Keep it on your fridge or somewhere you can see it everyday so you can add to it and keep praying together!

Download PDF


When We Pray

Tauren Wells

Play the song and spend time dancing together as a family!