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Family Devotions

Seek His Face


God has a purpose for us.


Sena’s bright personality is proof of God’s transforming work in her life. She believes He has called her to a true purpose.

Watch the video (read the subtitles for your little kiddos) then discuss Sena’s story together.


How do you think Sena felt to be treated less than human?

Many times, orphaned children who live on the streets are treated poorly and ignored by others.

If you could guess, where would Sena find food to eat?

Children who are alone would have to find food in dumpsters, leftovers laying around, or beg for others to give them food.

Sena said everything changed when she joined the project! In what ways?

Sena now has food to eat, a home, a mom, and she now knows she IS important!


Sena wants to be an engineer when she grows up. An engineer is someone who designs or builds machines or structures to help others.
There are 3 main religions in Ethiopia; Ethiopian Orthodox, Muslim, and Protestant. When Sena goes to church she goes to a protestant church.
Sena is one of the top students in her class. She works hard and studies to get good grades so she can pursue her career in the future.


Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 


What is God’s purpose for our lives?

How can we know Jesus and help others know Him too?

How does it feel to know that God wants to use you to love Him and others?


God has a purpose for us.

  • Before Sena was in 30 Hearts she didn’t think she was important or that she had a purpose in her life. Now Sena believes God is going to use her for his purpose of helping others. Sena knows that when she seeks the Lord He will work everything out. It is encouraging to know that when we love Jesus He is with us and helps us tell others about His love too! We all have a purpose!

Close in prayer

Lord, thank you for giving Sena purpose in her life. Thank you for showing her that she is special and loved. Keep reminding Sena that you are with her and working all things for her good. We are grateful that you want all of us to be with you in your family, help us love you and point others to your love!


Since Sena wants to be an engineer when she grows up to help others, you can practice being one today! Use a blank piece of paper to draw a design for a machine or structure that could help someone in your family.


Canvas and Clay

Pat Barrett

Spend time singing together as a family or just listening to the music and lyrics.