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God protects us

MEET Mehret

Mehret has grown a strong relationship with Jesus over the years. She trusts that he has a plan for her life no matter what happens. Her story is proof that God cares for the fatherless and is using people like you to bring healing and hope.

Watch the video (read the subtitles for your little kiddos) and then discuss Mehret’s story together.


How does Mehret feel now that she has a loving family?

Mehret is happy to have good food, clothes, a healthy body, and a mom who loves and protects her!

What are ways Mehret’s mom takes care of her?

Mehret’s mom stands up for her, she gives her advice, and supports and encourages her.

Mehret loves God, how will she grow closer to him?

She wants to strengthen her relationship with God through prayer.


Mehret needed braces for her teeth and she was able to get them because she is a part of 30 Hearts!
Mehret’s name means


There are 121 million people in Ethiopia, and there is no 911 emergency calling system.


Psalm 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers; you will take refuge under his wings. His faithfulness will be a protective shield.


Can you picture what it would be like to be a small bird protected by the wings of your parent?

Who protects you under his wings?

How does it feel to know that God is your protector?


God protects us

Mehret has had many ups and downs in her life but she is grateful because now she is safe and protected in her home with her family and those around her. Just like a baby bird is protected by the wings of the mommy bird, God wraps us in his love and care every day. We can know that the Lord’s faithful protection is what gives us peace, even in our ups and downs.

Close in prayer

Lord, we praise you for being our protector and shield! You are good and kind to us and we feel safe in your loving arms. Thank you for being strong and gentle and always being with us. Thank you for being with Mehret and bringing her into a home where she feels safe and loved. Please remind her every day how much you love her. Help us remember that same truth too. We love you, Amen.


Find a blanket from around the house. Have an adult in your home put the blanket over his or her shoulders and hold their arms out while holding the blanket (like a bird would open its wings). Now everyone in the family tries to fit in the blanket and see if the person holding the blanket can close their arms around everyone!

Discuss how the Psalm talks about God as our protector, like he is surrounding you with his wings and keeping you safe.



Vertical Worship

Spend time singing together as a family or just listening to the music and lyrics.


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