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This holiday season, we’re on a mission to keep 114 children in their families and off the streets.

Will you join us?

In Ethiopia, poverty, disease, locust invasion, and the current civil war have made the needs of vulnerable children more urgent than ever.

To truly end the orphan crisis, we must prevent children from becoming orphaned by empowering families in poverty.

The impact of poverty

Parents can’t find work and struggle to provide food.

Children are unable to attend school and remain stuck in poverty.

Families are separated and children are abandoned.

Holistic care through our local nonprofit partner

With your help, we support our in-country partner, Stand for Vulnerable Organization, to provide for 30 families in the Bako community who are in extreme poverty, reaching 114 children total!


Providing food, clothing and healthcare for the whole family


Changing mindsets and teaching families to care for their children


Supporting the children to attend school and offering tutorial classes


Encouraging the families through prayer and Bible studies

While climbing a mango tree near his home, Firaol fell from a branch and severely broke his leg. He was taken to the capital to receive medical care immediately. Thankfully the doctors were able to perform surgery on his leg and put in metal rods just below the hip.

Now, Firaol is back to walking and playing with full use of both legs. He still has his crutches in the corner of his home, but he doesn’t need them anymore. They are there as a reminder of the miraculous work of God.

Firaol and his family are one of the families in the community 30 Hearts supports. Without this support, Firaol’s family would not have had the resources to afford his life-changing surgery. 

In a small one room house, Etenesh explained that she was abandoned by her husband and left with her three small children. Being a single mother meant that Etenesh had to care for her children while also finding work and a place to live.

Once Etenesh was given support, she started to see her surroundings and situation differently. She was able to set up a bank account and save for the first time in her life. Etenesh became part of a community of people going through similar situations and she gained new friends.

Before this support, Etenesh’s home was just a place to sleep. Now she has filled the walls with pictures and decorations, a sign that her own heart has been refreshed and changed. Now her house is truly a home and she can hope again. 

The sweetest smile graces the face of a girl who has seen so much tragedy. When Lydia’s mom Mulu became paralyzed from the waist down, life drastically changed. Since Lydia’s dad is not around, her older brother chose to drop out of 10th grade in order to help provide for the family.

With the support of 30 Hearts, Lydia is now in school. Mulu can rest knowing her daughter has been given an opportunity she never thought was possible.

While their physical situations have not yet changed, their lives have been lifted out of despair and into hope. Mulu is praising God for the care He is showing them and Lydia and her brother are experiencing the chance to thrive. 

At the end of last year, Dibora and her mom and dad were in a tragic car accident, only Dibora survived. She was immediately taken to the hospital and treated for a terrible head injury. Dibora’s grandmother was able to be with her through all of it and provide her with the care and comfort this little one year old needed. 

Thankfully Dibora’s family was already one of the 30 families being supported by 30 Hearts before the accident happened, so her medical needs could be met. If this had not been the case, Dibora would not have received the care she needed to live. 

Today Dibora is a beautiful 2 year old girl who has a sweet bond with her grandmother. Both Dibora and her grandmother have their needs met and now Dibora can grow and develop in a loving home.

Give now to help 114 children grow up in their families.

$45 provides for the needs of a child for one month.