Creating Families For Orphans

Countless orphans are living on the streets of Ethiopia. We provide homes
where orphaned children are adopted by Christian women from their community.

We chose to impact the large orphan crisis in Ethiopia by starting small and creating 6 permanent families for 30 orphaned children. With the help of people like you, the children have been given a chance to thrive as adopted sons and daughters.

Since there are so many orphaned children without families, our work is just beginning. Join us in providing homes where orphans will know the love of a forever family.



Orphaned children are brought into the New Family Development Homes and adopted by Christian women from their community.


The children are restored physically and spiritually as they develop healthy relationships in their new families.


After each family is prepared for life together, they move into permanent homes in their community and the process is repeated with more children.

Learn about the family based orphan care approach of 30 Hearts

Traditional Model


30 Hearts Model

New Family Development Homes

A Lasting Hope

While caring for the needs of orphans, it is a priority for the mothers to point their children to Jesus. Through faith, a broken heart can be truly healed and experience a lasting hope for this life and eternity.

Ready to change lives?

100% of all donations go directly to benefit the children in Ethiopia. The 4others organization manages all funds and takes no administrative costs. 4others is a 501(c)3 so your donation is fully tax-deductible.